Thursday, June 9, 2011

field notes: mississippi

The other day I went to Square Books to restock on my Moleskin journals, but instead my eye caught these bright Mississippi Field Note journals.  They come in a pack of three and provide a plethora of Mississippi facts on the back cover.  I really like the vintage/boyscout look of them.  

So, I bought a pack (of 3) for myself, and then I decided to buy another pack as a gift for the eldest son of the family with whom I will be living as a fille au pair next year.  I'm really proud of this gift because it's really hard to find gifts for 11 year-old boys!

I still need to find a gift for the little girl (age 7) and boy (age 4).  Ideally I'd like to give them a little piece of Mississippi (like these notebooks).  Any ideas?


  1. What about a Mississippi-shaped keychain/pin/trinket?
    Or a piece of Mississippi cotton in a little glass jar? (I want to say the Visitor's Center on the Trace has them...)

  2. ooh good ideas! i will have to look into that...thanks!


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