Tuesday, December 15, 2009

il fait froid!!

WOW...it's December already! The past month flew by so quickly! It's very exciting though. The past two days I have taken 5 exams...I have two more tomorrow and then I am FINISHED with school in Angers. Then, early early Friday morning I am taking the train to Amsterdam with Ann...wahoo!! It's very neat to have started and finished the semester with the same friend on different trips.

A little bit of catching up to do....two weekends ago I met Ann Kirk in Paris. She was taking the LSAT so I went to keep her company and celebrate afterwards. It was SUCH a wonderful time. Even though our time together was short (she wasn't finished taking the test until 8:30pm!), we had so much fun and had such wonderful, invigorating conversation. I felt completely refreshed after that weekend. The only negative aspect of my weekend in Paris is that all the museums were on strike! While Ann Kirk took the LSAT, I had planned on visiting Musee Cluny and Musee l'Orangerie. Instead, I just walked around the city. It took a lot of energy though because I had to carry my luggage around all day because the concierge at the hotel wouldn't let me check in.

My favorite part of the weekend was Sunday morning. Ann Kirk and I went to the morning service at the American Church of Paris. It was one of the best things I've done all semester! It was so comforting to have Christian fellowship. I even met a lady from Mississippi who went to Ole Miss and now TEACHES at les Sciences-Po...WOW!!

Last weekend I took the train to Marseille. Then on Sunday I drove my little car all the way back to Angers...an 8 and 1/2 hour drive! It was long and through snow but I had ample time for reflecting on my semester that is coming to an end and also for admiring the scenic drive...France really is a beautiful country. I also spent quality time with Philip Glass...listened to him almost the entire drive and it made me very, very happy.

Next Monday I will drive back to Marseille and spend Christmas there. The countdowns:
2 more days of school, 6 days until I go back to Marseille, 10 days until Christmas (!), 14 days until Heath arrives, 30 days until I see my wonderful family that I miss so so so much!
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