Tuesday, September 6, 2011

le bon pain, le bon vin, la bonne vie

Whewwweeee has it been a while since I’ve written on this thing.  I’m glad to be back, though, and especially to be writing from France.  Paris, France.  Wow.  It still hasn’t gotten old saying, “I live in Paris.”  I live in Paris.

Blinkinfig has it right: In Paris, France it’s impossible to be lost; that implies being unhappy when you find yourself not where you planned.

Generally, I don’t think one can be unhappy anywhere in Paris.  Each quartier has a distinct personality.  Here in the 16eme, there is such small-town charm…walking around my neighborhood, it doesn’t even feel like I’m living in Paris; that is, until I turn a corner and find a magnificent view of the Eiffel tower.  I’m a bout de souffle every time I unexpectedly catch a glimpse of it.

For now, here are a few initial observations:

1.  Not only can you tell a good baguette by the way it sounds, a good baguette can forecast the weather.  No lie.  It’s like magic.  How neat is that?! (see YouTube: Neature Walks...)

2.  Color-blocking is really “in” this fall.  In particular, the French are quite into bright blue pants like this:
photo courtesy of Wendy's Lookbook

3.  If there were a Real Housewives of Paris, it would be in my neighborhood.  Picking up the kids after school is basically like standing in a sea of Hermes Birkin bags.

4.  The best bottle of wine I’ve had so far was 2€.

5.  There are RAVES in the catacombs of Notre Dame. (!!!!!!!!)

I'm obviously still on my honeymoon with Paris.  As the weeks go by, it's really going to settle in how far I am from my loved ones, so I really do hope this serves as a means to communicate with everyone.  Remember, I love emails and letters and skyping!!

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