Wednesday, February 9, 2011

somewhere in between

Lately I've had the weird sensation of longing for France/Europe and what awaits me next year while simultaneously wishing that this semester would slow down and never end, because I don't know what awaits me next year.  It is exciting, and I hope I make the most of every adventure and opportunity that comes my way during the next year.  But, I also know that it will be the biggest transition I have yet faced in my life:  For the first time since I was five, I will not be in school (and, isn't it sad that I find that terrifying???)

Who knows what next year will hold in store.... an internship in the U.S. or abroad, waiting tables in a big city, au pairing in Europe... I have quite a long list.

Until then, here are a few snapshots of things I love:

Playing in the snow with my sisters

Music in the Hall


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