Monday, November 15, 2010

nashville love

Robert's in Downtown Nashville, Tn


This city never ceases to amaze me with its cultural vibrancy.  Growing up,  I always assumed everyone in Nashville would be a country singer and/or a cowboy.  However, this stereotype is very, very wrong.  Nashville is so diverse, it is so young, it is THRIVING.

I went this past weekend with my mom and we had a great time.  I had signed up for an interview as an excuse to make the 5-hour drive to Nashville :)

If you are going to Nashville anytime soon, here are some noteworthy places to visit (by visit, of course I mean to eat):

San Antonio Taco Co.--I don't think any description is necessary.  Just know that it is quite yummy and very popular among the Vanderbilt community.

Whiskey Kitchen-- Good, southern food in a very trendy venue.  I had a fried green tomato blt with sweet potato was delicious!

The Patterson House-- a Prohibition styled bar...aka speakeasy.  All the drinks on the menu are based on those from Prohibition.  A very unique experience.

Where are your favorite places to eat in Nashville?

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  1. Wow those photos are so cool and it sounds like a great place! Kisses, my dear
    Have a wonderful Tuesday


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