Tuesday, November 9, 2010

milou en mai

Looks like a French version of the Royal Tenenbaums, huh?

It's funny how things come in twos.  Yesterday I posted pictures of the hairstyle my mom sported when I was younger.  Well, later on in the day during my French cinema class we watched a movie, Milou en Mai, and the leading lady wore the same style...and looked marvelous.  I think her style in this movie exhibits pure class.

And, I suppose class is one of the greater themes of the movie, which is about the May 1968 Revolution in France.  This movie captures the elements that made that period what it was while also vividly depicting its implications for the future.

The movie reminded me of the strikes tha have been going on in France lately.  Apparently, the past few months have witnessed the largest student protests since at least 1995 and one of the most significant since the 60s.

I can't decide if I wish I were there or not.

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