Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I never thought I was a shopaholic.  But the past few weeks I've really come to understand its true meaning.  Unfortunately for my bank account, I have found that online shopping really helps me destress.  Orders from this past week include two pairs of flats, a mohair cardi, a few blouses and....two pairs of jeggings*.  And about the jeggings, let me just say this: I have seen the light.  THEY ARE MY FAVORITE and I want to wear them all the time.

With all the online shopping from the past week, I have come across these boots.  Sadly, I can't afford them right now, but aren't they incredible?

*I used to think jeggings were gross, but then I realized that if you invest in a high-quality pair, they can actually look really good.  I guess I was just seeing too many people with JCPenny jeggings beforehand.


  1. I love those boots!!

    And jeggings(!), but only if you wear a shirt that covers up the fact that your pants have an elastic waist and no zipper and you invest in a pair that is not simply dark blue leggings from (as you mentioned) JCPenny. These are my criteria.

  2. i completely agree with your criteria haha.

  3. I've always been skeptical of "jeggings" but I totally understand how they must be super comfortable :)


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