Friday, November 27, 2009


I'm writing a really big final paper right now, so I thought I might take this opportunity to procrastinate and write a post. It's about things I miss in Oxford.

1. Southern gentlemen who open doors for ladies. Had I not come to France knowing that southern boys are unique in that sense (and the best because of it), I would have been completely appalled by the men here. But it's not just France... real gentlemen are rare anywhere outside of the south, at least in my opinion.

2. CPC and RUF.

3. Forrest, Fritz, and Samson... my animals. I realize, now that I haven't been able to play with any of my pets in so long, that animals are just very comforting.


5. Square Books and Bottletree.

6. Live music. I really don't think there is any such thing in France, unless you consider a DJ at a club "live music."

7. Southern accents.

Only 20 days until I am finished with school here... this is very exciting. I'm looking forward to spending Christmas with my family in Marseille. And then Heath comes :)

48 days until I come home.


  1. I miss Southern boys too. :(

    And Square Books and Bottletree.

    Ah well, summer will come around soon enough I guess.

  2. mmm...sweet tea!! dear, dear sweet tea.

    I saw live music in Luxembourg yesterday at the christmas market. It was wonderful!!


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